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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is Syria the Next Libya?

recently the streets in Syria have been looking like that of Egypt during their spring revolution. hundreds of thousands of protesters (for the most part) simply demonstrating an intense want for change. The government forces have been reluctant to do much however. small skirmishes kill a few people here and there but there is no war yet. Soon, the Syrian government will be forced to change or break out into civil war like that of Libya's government.

Although it seems Syria has been somewhat of a back story amid the US debt crisis that seemed to engulf the world as it is unwary weather the US holds the world on its shoulders. But the revolution is very real, and lt us not forget that almost everywhere in the Arab world is coming to this crisis. We must not forget about those fighting for their simple liberties. At least the UN pays attention to this... for once.

Also, Mubarak is on trial, I'm sure h's not going to see the light of day for quit some time... or ever again, you know how revolutions go... so much glory...

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  1. God I hope not. I mean, there still bombing Lybia as we speak. Don't tell me that's 'necessary'.