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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Politics not as usual in Canada

For those of you whom live in Canada, I urge you to vote. and, make an educated vote. Exercise your right that people overseas are dying for. take a day, research who YOU want to represent you. Voter turnout is about 50%... people don't believe they can make a difference, but that 50% is making a difference. Those 50% are dictating who rules you and I. Please, go out there and vote, even if you make up your own candidate to show that you don't approve of any of them.


  1. for some reason i think most of that percentage of voters are old people hah

  2. Im Canadian, and have no idea about Canadian politics, its not popular enough...I know more and follow what is going on in the US, I'll have to do some research...

  3. Well,not everyone like politics.