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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egypt. 'nuff said

The most popular revolutionary movement going on at this time is obviously Egypt. more than two million people protesting against the government in the capital city alone, that's quite a thing to happen. and one more, they're peaceful! It seems to be just a matter of time before the president is forced to step down. the lack of food and money did little to deter the protesters. Pro government troops, clashes with police troops, none of these have deterred the momentum of the patriots.

This popular movement, spawned from the successful toppling of Tunisia's government has spawned more and more actions around the world in the name of freedom and civil rights. Myanmar's military dictatorship has stepped down leaving in its place a democratic parliament. The government in Jordan has been scrapped by the government in response to protests. mass protests have spawned in South Africa, New York and other cities in the support of the Egyptian movement.

Conceived in the economic hardships of Egypt's late economy, this 'revolution' is starting to look like that of the French Revolution of over 200 years prior. Could this be the enlightenment in the Arabic world? Only time will tell. So long as an Arabic Napoleon doesn't arise this could be the beginning of a very wonderful time.

It seems that the free world is just hoping that this revolution doesn't turn religious. There wouldn't be much worse than to have another radical Islamic state with a powerful military on our hands. So far, it seems like the protests are strictly secular. Christians have protected Muslims while they pray, Jewish, Orthodox, Hindu, any religion is accepted, they are there for their freedom.

Sooner or later, the government will step down, or lose its legitimacy and be replaced. nothing is more powerful than people fighting for their basic rights, ready to die at any moment for their comrades.

Viva la Revolution!


  1. It's almost ridiculous how quickly things are escalating out of control.

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  3. It's nice to see people coming together for the sake of freedom. Your mind gets a bit bogged down after reading story after story about censorship and corruption. While violent, it is refreshing.

  4. Man, i saw some news reports from Egypt last night. Really crazy stuff.

  5. The odds of a radical islamists taking over power in Egypt are slim. Their threat is way overhyped.
    We don't want a government that will drag us into 'holy' wars.

    I am an Egyptian myself. And yes, hopefully this will be the beginning of a very wonderful time for us, for our Arab brothers and for the rest of the world.

  6. i like this stufffffff plus i helped you;)

  7. definitely my new favorite blog!!!

  8. I remember following this when it first started. It really has grown well out of control.